QFFU Talks: Intersectionality and intimacy in film
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QFFU Talks: Intersectionality and intimacy in film

ZO 11 JUN 2023 om 18:00 uur tot 22:00

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QFFU Talks: Intersectionality and intimacy in film

This event is part of a series of masterclasses that are provided by Queer Film Festival to participants of the queer short film contest ‘the 10-Minute Challenge’. This masterclass is, however, open for everybody that has interest in the intersection between queerness and film.

During this masterclass we’ll dive deeper into themes that are very close to us as a Queer Film Festival: safety, intimacy and intersectionality. We will cover questions like: how do we provide representation for our community (and what does this entail)? How do we foster safety for a cast and crew on (and off) set? and How do we portray intimacy? 

We have invited two filmmakers who have spent much attention to these themes in their personal projects. We will start off with watching the film NEED, by Jonnah Bron, a movie about consent, intimacy and desire. Jonnah will then provide us with more insight into their process in regard to the themes of the night.

We will then watch the film Required Reading, a film that was initially written for last years’ 10-minute challenge, but finished later on. Both on and off set, director Iniyavan Elumalai spent much attention to representing his characters in a way that fosters (and is righteous to) the queer community. He will take us along in his considerations during the making of this film.

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