HKU Feesten: The Big Spring Cleaning
Laat Je Horen!

HKU Feesten: The Big Spring Cleaning

MA 8 MEI 2023 om 15:00 uur tot 22:00

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It’s time to all gather for a BIG SPRING CLEANING!
Is your junk others newest, finest treasure? We shall see!

Bring all your old clothes, bags, jewelry, accessories, you name it and go find some new items @ de Kargadoor.

Not only will we be hosting a clothing swap, but we give all the creative HKU Students an opportunity to step in the sunlight and sell their work (think of paintings, illustrations, jewelry, fashion designs, ceramics, e.t.c.).

Is that all? No it’s not! We still have some more things on our schedule, but for now those flowers are still in bloom!

Excited enough? Duh! Go get your tickets!

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Oudegracht 36
3511 AP Utrecht
030 - 231 0377

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