Geannuleerd - ReSTORation: International Storytelling Event
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Geannuleerd - ReSTORation: International Storytelling Event

VR 13 MRT 2020 om 19:30 uur

How do we percieve the world and how are we influenced by it? Why do we hurt because of it?  How can we RESTORE the things which are really important for us?

That is the topic of the STORYTELLING NIGHT which will bring artist from 10 different countries to one place - de Kargadoor, Utrecht.

You can be looking forward for the 3 STAGES - 1 big (which will be also recorded and published online) and 2 smaller ones for more intimate stories.  Our PERFORMERS are coming from the Czech Republic, Italy, Greece, Spain, Romania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovenia, Poland, and the Netherlands. With different background and different experiences, there are writers, film-makers, teachers, high school students, devils and angels.

There is a VOLUNTARILY ENTRANCE FEE and the whole event will be carried in English.

The storytelling event is part of the Erasmus+ project with the focus on a topic of a social inclusion - on the question how the raise the solidarity and acceptance among people and in the world generally.

Deur open: 19:00 uur | Aanvang 19:30 uur | Entree: gratis | Reserve through Facebook |

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Oudegracht 36
3511 AP Utrecht
030 - 231 0377

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