Immigrants Don't Shoot
Laat Je Horen!

Immigrants Don't Shoot

ZA 3 AUG 2024 om 21:30 uur tot 22:30


Get ready for a night of unparalleled laughter with “Immigrants Don’t Shoot,” an exhilarating stand-up comedy showcase featuring the comedic talents of renowned comedians from all over the Netherlands—but with a twist! Our line-up consists entirely of comedians from non-European backgrounds, bringing fresh perspectives and uproarious humor to the stage. This show has already sold out three times across different cities, drawing a wide and international audience. Now it’s your turn to experience the comedy sensation that everyone is talking about.

Meet the Comedians:

Karan (India)
Rami (Iraq)
Weina ma (China)
Mo (Tunisia)
Fakhry (Sudan)
Faa (Thailand)

This is a show by Kult Comedy!

Pagina delen:

Oudegracht 36
3511 AP Utrecht
030 - 231 0377

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