Expats vs Holland
Laat Je Horen!

Expats vs Holland

ZA 3 AUG 2024 om 20:00 uur tot 21:00


Get ready for an evening of laughter with “Expats vs Holland,” a unique comedy show where expats from different countries share their hilarious stories about integrating into Dutch culture. This show brings together a diverse line-up of comedians, each offering their own unique perspective on life in the Netherlands.

mc: Vasu Arora (India): Vasu shares his colorful and hilarious experiences of living in the Netherlands as an Indian expat, focusing on the absurdities and surprises he encounters.
Faris (Palestine): Faris delivers sharp observations and funny anecdotes about navigating Dutch culture from a Palestinian perspective.
Egor Fufachev (Russia): Egor’s dry humor and witty tales about cultural differences between Russia and the Netherlands will surprise you.
Headliner: Michael Jager (Germany): As the headliner of the evening, Michael brings his German precision and dry, undercooled humor to the stage.

Together, these comedians offer an evening full of sharp observations, cultural misunderstandings, and heartwarming stories that will resonate with both expats and locals. Come and enjoy this unique blend of humor and discover how diverse and hilarious the expat experience in the Netherlands can be. Don’t miss it!

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Oudegracht 36
3511 AP Utrecht
030 - 231 0377

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