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Doreen Olario

Expo ‘Victorians’
The series ‘Victorians’ is inspired by vintage Victorian photography. The romantic and melodramatic images are enhanced so life-size paintings can be made. Starting point of the process is the vintage photograph after which layer by layer is added to give the series a dreamy and surreal feel.
I was touched by the beautiful photographs I accidentally found on the internet. My hands were eager to do something with it, so I just started to play around. Once I got the result I was looking for I decided to make a series that still increases today. My search for adequate images brings me to flea markets, second-hand shops, museums. Always a watchful eye wherever I go.
The bigger life-size paintings are printed on linen. Before the print the linen is hand worked with gesso, pigments, paints… After the print the painting is finished with inks, paints, varnish etc.
When I decided to do this exhibition I wanted to make some smaller pieces. It had to have the same melodramatic, dreamy and surreal feel to it though, but due to the time limit I had to thinks of something less time consuming.
The smaller pieces have the same images as base. They are printed on inkjet paper. The prints are torn to pieces and varnished, whilst the back of the paper is sanded down until it gets as thin as thread and almost transparent. The pieces are assembled into an image and glued to a surface (metal, wood, linen) and (if needed) finished with different materials.
About Doreen Olario
My mother was an artist. She painted, drew and sculpted the most beautiful things. When we were young she put us children to work with paper and paint when we uttered words like ‘mummm, I am bored…‘
I always wanted to mimic her. I wanted to do what she could, but I was hard on myself. My skills didn’t reach. I got frustrated and decided to give the paintbrush a throw. It ended in a dark corner. ‘That is not my cup of tea!’ and I focused on other things at hand, husband, job, child, home…
About 12 years ago I picked up my paintbrush again. My frustration that was put far away, came back… I wanted to tell… It didn’t really matter how. Paint, write, draw….
My work is heartfelt. The feeling is always the center of it all. Feelings color your world. They color the world you experience. No political statements, no environment issues for me. It is just a feeling, an emotion I want to bring to the attention. Your emotion…
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De opening van deze expo is op dinsdag 3 januari om 19.00 uur.

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