Remy & Peri Album Release
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Remy & Peri Album Release

VR 8 JUL 2022 om 20:00 uur tot 23:00

When Pericles and Remy play music together, they embark on a journey of sound. The creation of this duo, is an album that transcends over musical styles and focuses on the mental and musical connection between humans. In the past 6 months, they worked towards one goal: To discover ways of musical, verbal-and-non communication through their instruments. Improvising freely without inhibitions.
Merging improvisation and original work, the duo tries to discover the depths of connection and see how it interacts with the audience, the space and their very souls.
In their new record, one can listen to their attempt to freeze these moments in time, for everyone to enjoy and travel with
Alongside the music, the photography works for the duo from Lisa van de Zande will be exhibited, as well as the cover artworks of Jessica van Egmond.
Pericles Makris - electric guitar
Remy Dielemans - double bass
20:00 get together
20:30 concert
21:30 reception
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Oudegracht 36
3511 AP Utrecht
030 - 231 0377

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