Storytelling in the Basement
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Storytelling in the Basement

MA 20 JAN 2020 om 20:30 uur

Grappig, verdrietig, eng, ongelofelijk, of juist wel een heel confronterend verhaal. Storytelling heeft het allemaal! Kom langs en luister naar ervaren en getalenteerde nieuwkomers van over de hele wereld. We zitten vol met verhalen en wie houd er nou niet van een goed verhaal?

Storytelling has been enjoying a full blown revival the last few years in the Netherlands. And rightly so! We're all full of stories and who doesn't like to listen to a good one? Funny, sad, scary, sweet, unbelievable, or comforting stories: that's what Storytelling in the Basement is all about. 

So come and listen to experienced storytellers and talented newcomers from all over the world tell their tales. And if inspiration strikes, audience-members are invited to put their name in a hat. At the end of the night two names will be picked at random and will get to share their story. True stories about crazy families, horrible dates, myths, folk tales, newly written stories: anything goes as long as the stories are told and not read from paper.

Host of the show is Soula Notos, a longtime member of the Comedyhuis. Soula regularly tells stories at Mezrab in Amsterdam (where storytelling nights draw 300 people every week), and travels around international festivals all across Europe with her solo show "Who are you when no one is looking?" which brought her to Oslo, Prague, London, Amsterdam and Vilnius.

Deur open 20.00 uur | Aanvang 20:30 uur | Entree: 8,50 | Ticket via deze link |

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