Culture Vultures: Yank & Selim
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Culture Vultures: Yank & Selim

DO 9 MEI 2019 om 20:00 uur

Culture Vultures: Yank & Selim

Two songwriters of Istanbul’s alternative music scene Yank & Selim are merging powers in lowlands. Rearranging and performing pieces from both songwriters, Yank & Selim present an hour of music that is a fine mixture of feelings and genres, sang in Turkish. 

After being part of well known bands of Istanbul’s alternative music scene such as Nekizm, Pitohui and Selim Saraço?lu, Yank released his first solo album I/I on November 2016, which he composed and produced himself in Utrecht. After a series of tours in Europe and Turkey, Yank is currently working on new material and releasing home-recorded singles in a series called 18m2.

'Selim is a singer/songwriter who has been a prominent figure in the Turkish alternative music scene for over a decade. After writing and performing in variety of bands and genres, he released a live E.P. in 2015 of his original songs, followed the critically acclaimed 2016 release “Baska Bir Vaha”.


Deur open 19:30 | Aanvang 20:00 |  Entree €7,- | Tickes te koop aan de deur |

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