Basta! Ende Gelände: End Coal Now!
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Basta! Ende Gelände: End Coal Now!

DO 9 MEI 2019 om 19:30 uur

Elke tweede donderdag van de maand presenteert KSU een Basta! Basta! is een organisatie die sinds 2007 maatschappijkritisch debat in Utrecht voert. Basta! brengt mensen samen om te discussiëren over onder andere onderwijs, activisme, oorlog, racisme, politiek, economie of feminisme.

In June 2019 the next Ende Gelände action will take place. This action is directed towards climate justice and the end of coal. In this Basta! evening we will discuss what EG is all about, how the action is structured and how you can participate!

More information:

Mark the weekend from 19 to 24 June in your calendar and become a part of the Ende Gelände mass action 2019 in the Rhineland! We will block the dirty coal infrastructure and will state clearly: our house is on fire! We need to get going towards climate justice and put an end to coal immediately! Coal phase-out is manual work!

This year, we want to focus especially on the villages. Because RWE is not only destroying the Hambach Forest and most fertile farmland, it also destroys people’s homes – over here as well as globally, from the Pacific islands to Bangladesh and Mozambique. We declare our solidarity with the local resistance on-site and all those affected by brown coal fields. Here, too, we say: “Ende Gelände” and call out for joint actions to stop all forced resettlements, all demolitions, all clearings, destruction of land and nature immediately!

We will continue to fight with all our energy to make sure that this planet is not driven to the wall by narrow-minded, site-fixed, reality-denying rulers. That’s why Ende Gelände is again calling for a mass action in June in the Rhenish brown coal area. Our action is an expression of determination: We will return to the pits until the last excavator stops and all villages remain! Everywhere!

Spoken Language: English
Whisper translation to Dutch can be provided

Gesproken taal: Engels
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Deur open: 19:00 | Aanvang: 19:30 | Entree: Gratis |

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Oudegracht 36
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